I don’t know the exact history of zero gravity massage chairs (also known as “anti–gravitational forces”), having said that i will require a stab at it dependent on my own knowledge about massage chairs within the last 8-9 years, mingled with a little healing angle according to my 19 years in the chiropractic care occupation.

Zero-gravitational forces has turned into a fairly free term in the massage chair business as of late. Everyone appears to believe that their chairs are zero gravity. When I consider the chairs which claim this feature, I am a little surprised at what exactly is regarded as zero gravity and question when it is nothing but false marketing to get the zero gravity “crowd” to purchase right into a particular model since it is now this kind of capture expression amongst shoppers.

History of Zero Gravity Stimulation Chairs – The entire idea of zero gravity was created by NASA for their space system. Human being Contact, which is the biggest US producer of massage chairs, adapted the zero-gravitational forces concept to household chair design, initially displayed in their Perfect Chair line of chairs. Based on Human being Touch’s website…

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Influenced through the Natural Body Pose analyzed by NASA during the Skylab system, the [Perfect Chair] zero gravity recliner places your body inside a practically weightless place to provide rest and minimum muscle mass tension. Within this therapist-suggested place, the spine, hips, and leg joint parts are on or close for the well balanced midpoint of the muscles.

The idea behind the zero gravity placement is always to take pressure off of the joint parts of the body where stress is likely to happen because of the gravitational draw, i.e. reduced back, hips, top back, neck, knee joints, etc. I don’t know if you are conscious of this, but gravitational forces is one of the very penalizing forces of nature on your body. In case your body will not be perfectly in-line and well balanced, gravitational forces will make your system pay out.

For instance, in case you have a forward head carriage and slouched shoulder posture, gravitational forces is having a hay-day on your own spine. You are going to feel much more fatigued because your body is fighting the effects of the gravitational “draw”, not to mention the truth that your joint parts will degrade prematurely, leading to degenerative rheumatoid arthritis along with other fun musculo-skeletal conditions.

In case you have ever sat inside a zero gravity chair, you completely comprehend the idea of “weightlessness” because it pertains to the sitting down place. Lots of people have told me that they can sleep much more easily inside a zero gravity chair than they can in their regular bed. It is quite comfortable, particularly for reduced back pain patients, because the chair placement requires pressure off of the reduced back region.

So, What IS Zero Gravity?
In other words, zero gravity, because it pertains to the sitting down place, is having the seat of the chair lean up at a 30 degree angle. That’s it! That 30 degree lean has been established to become, by designers much smarter than I, the optimal place for simulated weightlessness of the human being framework. Human being Contact took that concept and applied it for the Perfect Chair model.

Then Human being Contact took that model and applied it to your much more bulky massage chair model, the HT-7450. Now, for the first time, a massage chair had the zero gravity feature. This, combined with massage functionality, would provide a level of treatment heretofore uncommon in the massage chair business.

Around this same time, Sanyo came out using the very popular Sanyo 7700 massage chair. The same 30 degree lean of the seat, coupled with massage treatment made this another of the zero gravity massage chairs. Both the Sanyo 7700 and also the HT-7450 are very well-known chairs for both producers. I think the tilted seat makes them that well-known.

Zero Gravity Stimulation Chairs – False Advertising?
So, exactly why are all these other models proclaiming to become zero gravity chairs when their chairs don’t lean up at 30 degrees? I do not know. Once again, I believe it is just an advertising and marketing ploy to exploit the zero gravity “trend” which is current in the market. Don’t be fooled by promises of zero-gravitational forces. Obviously, any massage chair, whether or not this has real zero-gravitational forces or not, will probably be fantastic to suit your needs in your house or office and you’re likely to enjoy every minute from it. But, if you are determined to get one of the real zero gravity chairs, purchaser beware!

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